November 12, 2011


Craft Bazaar and Cookies

My posse and I are heading out to see my friend's booth at a craft bazaar today.  We love supporting artists and all the hard work they put into their product. My friend is the talent behind Bubble Off Plumb Productions Inc. Here's a sampling of what she'll have on display at her booth. Like what you see, pop on over to her Etsy shop and order your Christmas gifts or a little something for yourself ;) 

Collar Cozies  because why should the little dogs get all the fun with their collars.  These Collar Cozies are for your Great Big Beautiful Dog (Love this phrase coined by my friend). You get 2 in a set, but wait there's more ( I sound like an infomercial don't I hee hee). The Collar Cozies are reversible! Giving you 4 different looks.  Here's a sample of one:

Have an ant problem, possibly spiders or moles. Get so frustrated you just want to stab something. Well now you can, introducing Varmint Voodoo 's .  These little guys make great stocking stuffers for that person on your list that you just don't know WHAT to get them. 

Since it's the holiday's and I'm getting together with my friend's today to go to the bazaar. I made Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookie's last night. I found the recipe on RecipeGirl .I have to say the cookies could use more KICK. I love the sugary goodness of snickerdoodle cookies and the crisp crunch. These cookies are more cakey and don't have that sugary goodness. But I'm a sugar junkie :)  you may find these are the perfect fall cookie for you.

About 11:30 p.m. last night I thought, I can't give these cookies to my friends in just a plain Ziploc bag. My rep would be ruined! So while my honey went off to bed I stayed up and added a turkey bling to the bags.

Off to the craft bazaar I go. Let me know if you made those cookies and what you thought.

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