October 11, 2011


Front porch Halloween style

Just got back from a run, I haven't been in ..wait for it... a month! I know, I'm so bad. I don't know what happened. But I'm back at it,  no more slackin!!   On my run I was looking around our neighborhood to see who decorated for Halloween. No one on our street has done anything. I don't know what I was expecting, no one on our street ever decorates for any holiday... Except us. You got it, we're the party house.   I would LOVE to go all out with our front entry, I'd say porch but we don't have one.  We barely have an entry so I can't decorate like I'd like too.  If we had a porch I'd have lots of corn stalks, hay bails, loads of pumpkins.  Instead I just did this

I usually add a spider and a bunch of webs but I'm co-hosting a Halloween party and I don't feel like taking the webs down in a few weeks.  They stick just every where.  And a spider with no web just won't do. I'd LOVE to do lights too but can you believe we have NO plug in in the front of the house. Since I have no porch to go all out on, I'll drool over these,

From The High Heeled Hostess this simple decor is fun and easy. I love the little toad by the door.

Another easy to do fun door. Great for the kids. I like the set up next to the door too but it would get rained on at my house. Monster Door

This is beyond cute from Junk Garden Girl.  I absolutely adore this. If only I had the porch for it.  Check out the site for other great Halloweeny porch ideas.

Ahh, the country, that's what I think of when I see this front entry  from Inspire by Design

Now this is what I'm talking about. The corn stalks, hay bails (which would get wet and stink if they were at my entry), the pumpkins and it even looks like there's a scarecrow! Hello Fall

You know I have to throw a little scary Halloween in here too. Saw this on Pinterest ( no web site) and HAD to pin it.  The corn stalks, pumpkins LOVE and add the cherry on top, the skeleton.  The lights really add to the look too. I love that pumpkin on the bottom.

Have you decorated your front porch, entry?  Show up my neighbors. Send me photo's, I'd love to see.

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  1. I've noticed a few decorated yards and entries in our neighborhood over the last week and it makes my soul smile! If I get going on my own porch pre-party, I'll submit a pic!


  2. When I came home tonight I saw my neighbor's, well, the ones on the next street over, have been decorating. YEAH! It makes me smile too.

  3. And I always love seeing pics of other peoples parties and holida fun.


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