September 17, 2011


Alien Baby Party

             ****WARNING!!!! A sense of humor is needed to view this party :) *****

Today I had a very unique party. It was a birthday party of sorts, for my Alien Baby.  I should explain, 7 years ago I had a fibroid that gave me morning sickness, grew pretty quickly and gave me a baby bump. My friend dubbed it The Alien Baby.  We've joked about how funny it would be to have a party for Alien Baby. Only took me 7 years to actually throw the party. The party is a spoof on surgery and aliens. When guests asked what they could bring to the party I replied, a sense of humor.

       The humor started with the invitations, made by me. A uterus being abducted by an alien spaceship. 

Ooo, a hostess gift :) I have the greatest friends. It even matches the theme, stars for space because aliens live in space and green because we ALL know aliens are green. 

               One of the party favors, everyone got their own Alien Baby from Rhode Island Novelty.

The special party drink was Alien Secretion :) I told you you had to have a sense of humor. 1 part pineapple juice, 1 part Midori and 1 part rum. Not only was the colour perfect but it was pretty tasty too.

                                I made the garland out of felt. Notice the aliens looming above.  

                             We had to have pizza for lunch because they're flying saucers.

My friends are great. The invitation said, attire: lab coats, scrubs, green or silver. I think they nailed it! LOVE the alien costume.

                                  Every alien party has to have the infamous Area 51.

Just like you see in the movies where people break into the secret government warehouse and at the end of the room they see something hidden behind plastic, my guests experienced that in my Area 51. As you parted the plastic curtain (table clothes) the alien was revealed. The blue tablecloth represented the surgery table.

For dessert I made cake pops which turned out pretty tasty.  The key is to put just enough frosting in the cake crumbs so they stick together. Too much frosting and these little aliens would be SWEET! I think this one looks like Invader Zim. There were more but this was the lone survivor. I took a Styrofoam ring and glittered it up to symbolize a spaceship.

Yummy alien cupcakes from the book Hello Cupcake . Silver wrappers so the aliens can all be sitting in their own spaceships and the tray represents the surgeons tray in the operating room.

                   PARTY FAVORS! I put them on the surgeons tray (cookie sheet). I made these felt bags, inspired by I Heart Guts , a great shop.

The party favors included alien eggs from Rhode Island Novelty and my homemade chocolate peanut butter spaceships.

Hope you had fun and snickered a little as you visited The Alien Baby party.

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  1. This is fantastic! I love all the little details, especially the smiley uterusesessesss. Those drinks look so yummy and now I really want alien cupcakes! I hope you had a good time. Your friends are such great people for dressing up and having fun along with you. :)

  2. What a fun time with some cool ladies, some tasty drinks & treats and an abundance of aliens and lady guts!


  3. Thank You Bex :)It was a fun party to create for. I do have great friends, one of the reasons I love hosting so many small parties through out the year. The drinks were tasty and the alien cupakes were pretty easy to make. With practice I bet I could get them to look even cooler.

  4. This looks like a great party - any reason to throw one works for me!!
    The alien 'drink' looked YUMMY!

  5. Hilarious. I especially love the autopsy table.

  6. @lizard n ladybug, it was a fun party. Little different but that's how we roll sometimes HA HA. The Alien secretion was yummy! A few guests went back for seconds. You could use that drink at Halloween, call it The Frankenstein.


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