August 10, 2011


Woo Hoo! Wednesday's

Yummers! Cotton candy maker from Sur La Table $49.95. Perfect for circus parties.

These Spider-Man comic book cookies look amazing. But I know if I was to make these, they wouldn't look like this. Williams Sonoma $19.95

As a party thrower, of course I'm planning my Halloween party already. However, we are just now getting summer here in Oregon so I'm not really ready for Halloween yet. Doesn't mean I'm not snooping around for great Halloween goodies. Like this skeleton hand drink dispenser from Pottery Barn, $69.00 for the stand and $79.00 for the glass dispenser.

If you happen to pick up any of these fun party items be sure to tell me about :)


  1. Oh, boy! That drink dispenser is soooo right up my (dark, dirty) alley! But... I could do a lot of other things with the same amount of money so it will just be a fantasy... unless I can figure out how to make one. Hmmmmm. ;)


  2. Isn't it great! I love it, so spooktacularly good for Halloween. Little pricey for me as well. I'll be watching the Pottery Barn sale page :) Woo Hoo!!


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