August 3, 2011


Woo Hoo! Wednesday's

I see items all the time I'd love to buy for a party.  But some of these items are just too expensive, not versatile enough, or I just don't have the space to store it. Those items you see and think, " I LOVE this! but..."

Since my goal for this blog is to inspire people to have more mini get togethers, Woo Hoo! Wednesday's is for those items that you see and simply love, but..

A bit of Woo Hoo! fun for you to enjoy every Wednesday.

Condiment container, summer parties, BBQ's
           This condiment holder at Pier 1 is perfect for summer BBQ's. So cute. Tempting, but...
Pier 1, summer parties, flower plates
Saw these plates in Pier 1, beautiful.  I'd want 4-6 of them and at $16.95... little too spendy for me. But very Woo Hoo!

Peacocks, outdoor decor, Target
                    Makes me want to have a peacock themed party.  $40.00 each at Target

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