August 28, 2011


Tiki III

Gorgeous day for Tiki III. This party is normally held in July around our anniversary but Oregon is getting a very late summer so we hosted in August.  This year all the regulars couldn't make it but we got to share the tiki with some new faces and hope to see them back again next year. Enjoy the party! May it inspire you to host a tiki/Hawaiian fizzy party.
I noticed several women driving down our street, slow down and point the wreath out to their passenger :) So easy to make too.
Every one gets a lei, just like when you visit the beautiful islands of Hawaii.  On the invitation I always ask the guests to dress Hawaiian and just about everyone does. Its fun and makes for great party pictures.

The annual tiki party is always held outdoors. The paper lanterns are from our wedding :) and add a great burst of color.
There we are :), on our wedding day. We love the beach and our wedding was held in Cannon Beach, Oregon on a perfect July day.
Hee hee, maybe next year I should be like all the fancy party blogs and drape some Hawaiian print fabric to cover the fireplace. It would probably spruce it up, dontcha think?

I know what you're thinking, what do Peeps have to do with tiki or Hawaiian. I LOVE Peeps and since our annual tiki party is sort of a celebration of our anniversary they make an appearance.  At our wedding we had a candy bar with the Peeps set up like this. Peeps are candy, I love Peeps...

I always have a little bucket of fun for the kids who come.  We had this at our wedding too.  I fill it with fun flamingo glasses, hula skirts, temporary tattoos (adults even like these), beads, Hawaiian rubber duckies (big hit at the 1st annual tiki party), Frisbee's and beach balls.
Bubbles are always fun too and Oriental Trading company is a great place to find inexpensive party goods in your theme. A really good friend of mine got me Hello Kitty just for fun one year so you know I had to put her out.

                My friends get disappointed if I don't bust out the confetti :) it's kind of my signature.
                    Gotta have Spam at a Hawaiianish party.  Big hit. ooh, look, more confetti :)

                          When you don't have enough tables, use your ironing board.

I made these from scratch. I never bake from scratch. They turned out really good, Woo Hoo!! The frosting didn't look the same as the picture in the book but they tasted good and that's all that matters right?...

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the party.  Hosting your own Hawaiian/Tiki party? I'd love to hear about it. Email me, Woo Hoo!!!


  1. A nice end-of-summer get together!

  2. Love the wreath :) how creative and festive.

  3. End of summer? ha ha, we're JUST getting summer here in Oregon, hee hee. It was a fun get together, thanks.

    clwj: Thank you. The wreath is super easy and yes, very festive :) I wish I could take credit for coming up with the idea but I saw it on someones Pinterest.

  4. This is awesome! I love Peeps them whenever I see them...especially in fun colors/new shapes. That wreath is very cool...going to have to steal some of my daughter's cupcake supplies and make one.

    Cupcakes looked yummy......great party!


    1. Ha MJ me too. On my personal FB page I have an album entitled Peeparazzi. I take photos of them every where. The wreath is super easy. Just took one of those twig wreaths and stuck the cocktail umbrellas in it. Didn't need to secure them with anything. I hang it in my garage for future use.


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